Growing Greeting- Grow your Owl


This Owl is a greeting card that grows edible sprouts. Amaze your family and friends with an incredible gift.



Share the fun of playing with nature with your family and friends and send them a Growing Greeting!

Grow microgreens as feathers of this cute bird. The owl comes with chia sprouts and in A5 format.

How does it work

In every card you´ll find  a package of seeds and a hemp mat  where you can saw your seeds.

  • water it
  • saw the seeds,
  • the next day water it again just enough so you can feel with your finger that the hemp mat is wet
  • keep watering for 7 to 10 days until you get your microgreens!




Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 21 x 15 x 0.5 cm


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